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Barcelona Style: a refurbished apartment in the gothic quarter

Retaining old tiles is on trend in Barcelona! I can tell just from the tiles if an apartment is located in this city. There are not many left with the entire flooring in good shape, I am very lucky to live in one of those where I have different tiles in all rooms.

Nook architects_Barcelona style_kitchen

Spanish architects Nook have been have renovating a small apartment in Barcelona’s gothic quarter, leaving original decorative floor tiles.

Nook architects_Barcelona style_kitchen_1

Nook architects_Barcelona style

The project called ROC3 is the last out of three they have been working on, all different apartments on a single building in Barcelona.

Nook architects_Barcelona style_bathroom  Nook architects_Barcelona style_bedroom

Nook architects_Barcelona style_bedroom_2

They have followed the same conceptual design in all three projects, enhancing the original structure, with a special focus in the floors and tiles being able now to follow the first room distribution.

Nook architects_Barcelona style_bathroom_2

Found on Dezeen

What architectural characteristics do you have in the apartments where you live? Is there a common thing in your area?


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  1. You’re right about the Barcelona tiles. they have become a trademark for the ancient buildings in town. In France the trend starts conquering the market but it is limited to the kitchen, the bathrooms, rarely elsewhere. But in Barcelona, you have entire apartments covered by them. And they are gorgeous. Most of the time that’s the only think I look at when I see pictures of these houses ;-)

    1. Same her, the tikes is what interests me most when seeing those apartments since they play a key role too. I met a friend the other day who had covered her floor since she thought her furniture would not stand out enough with all the colored tiles.I love mine honestly.

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