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Barcelona Style: a typical Eixample apartment

Let me share with you an amazing apartment located in my neighborhood, the Eixample. What I’d like to show you here is the structure since this is the typical architecture in the area with heigh ceilings, open galleries towards the streets and hydraulic  flooring.

Barcelona Style

Architect Núria Selva Villaronga, main partner of LOOX and DS Arquitectes firms, has been in charge of the rehabilitation in this heritage-listed building built in 1908 in the Eixample quarter which is my favorite barrio in town.

The false ceilings have been preserved and restored with their moldings and ornaments, interior and exterior woodwork, engraved glass and in much of the property, the original Nolla flooring mosaic (end 19th century manufactured in Valencia, Spain) which I love in this area. The ones over here are particularly beautiful since you don’t find them with blue patterns very often.

It is common in this area that each housing has been split one or more times, and nowadays their condition and configuration are very heterogeneous. That happened to my apartment too. There used to be one neighbor per floor, spaces were huge back then and now there is four of us.

What I like most here is the distribution, flooring and light flooding in, and the area is hot spot too; the furniture is rather minimalistic and it looks like someone just moved in missing a bit a more personal character but the structure itself is just gorgeous!

How about some extra inspiration?

6 Responses

    1. Ja, die Fussböden sind normalerweise von Raum zu Raum unterschiedlich. Ich habe auch in jedem einzelnen Zimmer bei mir unterschiedliche Fliesen, nur in der Küche nicht da wurde dann irgendwann renoviert.

  1. Completely wonderful-I adore this apartment Gudy. And what an incredible city you live in-I could imagine living there or Amsterdam-but I think I prefer your weather ;-) Just gorgeous-thanks for sharing! xx

    1. Even our weather is changing(!!) lately but yes, it’s still wonderful to live here. Amazing life quality! Just come over from time to time for a visit if you can, Caroline!

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