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Barcelona Style: Art barter at Cadàver Exquisit

I have attended last Saturday an exhibition at Cadàver Exquisit  featuring a very fresh concept by looking for a different channel of dialogue between the viewer and artist.

10 artists are showing art pieces, always affordable works, and they offer a barter as currency. The visitor writes on a post-it what s/he would give in return, sticks it next to the art work and wait a few days if s/he will be hopefully the lucky owner after the exchange. Nice, right?


I was so busy reading all the post-its and trying to find out who the artists were behind all the works, I totally forgot to leave a post-it right under this ceramic heart. Still regretting!! This is Sophie Aguilera and I really wish you check out her site. Pretty interesting!

Trueque artístico

There were exchange proposals such as ‘a dinner voucher’, ‘guided tour through certain village’, ‘painting a portrait of the artist’, and much more.

Cadaver exquisit

It looks like the artists got briefed to work on a blue and white colour palette. This one is from Didac Rocho and was another favourite of mine. I loved the concept behind the whole thing. Cadàver Exquisit is a co-working space too, you should check it out if you look for something similar in the Gràcia area.

The exhibit runs still until July, 20th if you happen to live in Barcelona!

Fui a ver el sábado pasado la expo de Cadàver Exquisit con un concepto nuevo y fresco en el cual buscan un canal de diálogo diferente entre artista y escpectador.

10 artistas presentan obra accesible y ofrecen un trueque a cambio. El visitante escribe en un post it lo que le parece que vale la obra a cambio, lo pega a lado, y en unos días recibe la notificación si se convierte en feliz propietario de una obra nueva. ¿Qué fantástico es eso?

Iba tan ocupada leyendo todos los post-its y tratando de averiguar quien había detrás de las obras que olvidé por completo dejar yo mi nota debajo del corazón de cerámica de Sophie Aguilera. Todavía me arrepiento. De verdad. Ojalá echeis un vistazo a su página, tiene un estilo interesante!

Me dió la sensación que había un briefing antes de exponer obra en azul y blanco (no podía ser tanta casualidad, no?). El último es de Didac Rocho y también me hizo gracia. Y me encantó el concepto detrás de toda la expo. Por cierto,  Cadàver Exquisit es también un co-working space. Así que si buscáis algo por Gràcia, ya sabéis. Y a ver la expo, que aún se puede ver hasta el 20.07.


How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. I know Sophie, she does pretty amazing and different stuff! Had the pleasure to have her help at my blog party a few months ago and her art was basically what made it a success ;-).

  2. Oh how I love this idea and to see it being used today! I’m interested, what would you have offered for the heart? I’ll go check her site now. Mel x

  3. Interesting concept. And I also like the blue and white ceramic. I only started appreciating blue and white ceramic a few years ago because I grew up in Delft where you are bombarded with it. I grew an aversion against it, but that changed and now I really like it.

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