Barcelona Style: Cabinet BCN

Bea Targarona has opened Cabinet BCN a few month ago. A shop located in one of the nicest areas filled with a nice variety of complements and small furniture made to order.

After an intense career in the corporate world, Bea decided it was about time to follow her dreams, renovating a space she found in the area of Gràcia and opening Cabinet. And the past month have proofed, she was right!

Barcelona Style CabinetBCN 1 (1)

Barcelona Style CabinetBCN 1

Barcelona Style CabinetBCN 2 (3)

Barcelona Style CabinetBCN 2 (1)


Barcelona Style CabinetBCN 1 (2)

Barcelona Style CabinetBCN 3 (1)

Barcelona Style CabinetBCN

Barcelona Style CabinetBCN 2

Educated as an interior designer, Bea offers customized services to her clients working with many providers who can offer tailor sized furniture which clearly makes a difference. Apart from nice nordic brands, there is a lot of local providers and it’s the perfect spot if you want to gift your friends or family with a lovely detail.

I truly admire people who follow their dreams, so, if you are around, please pay a visit to Cabinet BCN!

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. What a beautiful looking store. I like the earthy feel it has and that sofa (is it modular?) is super cool with the layers. I too admire people following their dreams, too often we can become slaves to a life we didn’t have to settle for. M xx

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