Barcelona Style: Café Cometa

I have tried a new place in town recommended by a friend in an area where you have the fanciest cafés now with great style. They have a certain aesthetics in common but are all different still with mix&matched furniture, color pops, plants, benches towards the street and a great menu. The Café Cometa offers you amazing fresh juice combos and the nicest sandwiches with all kind of veggies for breakfast. I  mean, really good sandwiches. It takes me a while to get there but it is very worth a weekend visit and I love observing the buzz in the Sant Antoni area now.

If you wonder about the little ghost logo on the mugs and how familiar it seems, the owners are the same who set up the Galería Cosmo in Enrique Granados. So, if you come to Meet The Blogger in September, I would probably take you to this area if you’d like to have a nice blog post and good coffee. We had a long weekend with a bank holiday yesterday, it feels like Monday today to me. I hope you are enjoying the week!

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. Que sitio tan bonito. Está cuidado y es de los que tienen su propia personalidad. Me llevaría la variopinta pared llena de ilustraciones y portadas! Y tienes razón, está en una de las zonas más enrrolladas de Barcelona. Da gusto ver como los barrios se llenan de sitios especiales donde tomarte cosas buenas y con gente que lo aprecia…
    A la agenda va para cuando me escape a la city… Gracias rubia!

    Un abrazooo!

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