Barcelona Style: country side and urban style

Gracia is really a nice quarter in Barcelona, still authentic yet somehow “normal”. This two storey property belongs to Carina Casanovas who restores and sells furniture, most pieces are coming from her own ware house. What a gift to have that patio and gallery next to the bedroom with so much light! It looks as if they were living on the country side and not right in the center of a 1,6 mill habitant metropolis. Makes me smile when I think of my own new place I start looking right after the holidays.

Found via Nuevo Estilo

How about some extra inspiration?

4 Responses

  1. Envy! I hope someday I’ll have that kind of combination of a big city lifestyle and a place to come back to and completely close out the noise and stress outside. It looks very peaceful – and beautifully eclectic, of course!

  2. What a gorgeous house, I totally love her style, so artistic, sounds like she’s got my dream job also:) Good luck with the house hunting Gudy, can’t wait to see what you get! M x

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