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Barcelona Style: Paloma Wool

I am back from London and my trend presentation which I love to share with you. But first, I will give the Trend Talk at the Blogger Brunch on September, 21st and publish then some trends for AW 2016/17.

Today, I’d like to share some more inspiration from my home town.What is new here that I usually take all pictures by myself in this series. But this time I stumbled upon Paloma Lanna and her pictures just do speak for themselves. She lives in Barcelona and her project covers photography and design. She runs the well established Spanish brand Nice Things initiated by her parents and has opened her very own label Paloma Wool. Her love for analog photography is here what probably makes her brand so special.







Paloma has created a fab website where her sense of style and aesthetics are as important as the product itself, I have not seen a similar proposal so far and truly love it. And it gets even more interesting when you read the interview she gives on FvF (see the place where she lives!) and learn about her family back ground, frequent travels to Tokio and how eager and proud of producing locally (yay for that, we people in Barcelona love to see how much talent we have here!) she is.

And now I am off to get that jumper from her shop! :-) And oh, check out her IG account!

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. Oh Gudy what an amazing woman! And only 24? A really nice aesthetic, her apartment – wow you’re right and her clothing brand very cool. Thanks for the introduction. M xx

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