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Barcelona Style: a pop up event with Raul del Sol’s precise Metamorphosis

I have been visiting last Saturday with Sonia this pop up event at Inventory Barcelona where Raúl del Sol was showing his work and still does until this Saturday.

I had been seen his pieces around the net for the past month but only when holding a piece in your hands, you really appreciate the fine artwork behind. Believe me, it is stunning! Raul’s inspiration comes from nature, and it all started with a pine wooden panel, its different wood grains he was panting along and resulting in a dragonfly wing (which you can appreciate on his business card below).

 Raul del Sol pop up10

Raul del Sol pop up 2

Raul del Sol pop up 8

Raul del Sol pop up collage

Raul del Sol pop up 3

Raul del Sol pop up 14

He paints with different sizes of Stadtler pencils (did you know that they are made of Chinese ink?) and a series of Matrioshkas could take him up to five hours drawing. His collections are called Entomology, Cefalón, Insecta and Metamorfosis – all belonging to the world of entomologists and their study of insects.

Raúl mainly illustrates on different kinds of wood merging art and decoration, being the support plates, heads or matrioshkas. You can find his work in selected shops in Spain or contact him directly for any inquiry.

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. Looks like a cool and creative event, Gudy. I feel like Munich lacks those kind of metropolis-style events. Maybe it’s time to push Paris up on the agenda:-))

    1. Even there were those events, you are not quite often in town, are you?:-) Barcelona is a quite small city, don’t think we have these kind of events all the time. But yeah, this pop up was special, loved seeing it.Happy weekend, Igor, sorry not to see you in Copenhagen.Un abrazo.

    1. I did not know anything about those pens (I know they exist and I have written with them but Chinese ink???) and the different sizes one can have…did you use those for anything special? xx

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