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My heart opens up when I see these kind of images and read the interview. Coffeeklatsch has published such a good article about Bart&Pieter, two gentlemen who design and create green spaces. It is so interesting to read that their work just gets better in time since nature has to do its part too growing and taking space. I have never thought about that, it is so true.

Some clients want a beautiful garden but don’t have the time to take care of it. That must be challenging knowing your work might get neglected and you can’t do anything about it. I guess, the right information forehand helps a lot but still, you probably don’t have to much of an influence once the project is finished.

Same here, I’d love to have a vegetable&herbs garden and green space but don’t want to have more than 20 m2 because I know, otherwise I won’t have the time to care enough.

The images you see are from their atelier in the city and holiday cottage where they spend most of the time. I am totally in awe of that way of living. One day…What are you having on your wish list?


How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. Dear Gudy,
    your posts are always inspiring, and what is totally true once an architect has accomplished his duty, as always happens, his work starts a new life of transformation.
    The same applies also to normal architects not only to gardening ones.
    Maybe this is the pretty part of the job, creating and giving a new life to things…and people…
    Thank you for sharing the post.

  2. I’ve never thought of that either : designing green spaces isn’t over once the project is accomplished, it is a perpetual work in progress! But I love the idea of having a part to play in what the architect imagined and to actively take part in his work by taking care of it. I’d love to have a proper green space at home … a balcony, a terrace, a “jardin d’hiver” … and I know I will have it back again one day :-) have a lovely evening Gudy xxi.

  3. Beautiful space, love how they subtlely inject green into their indoor space. Despite us having a small garden, it still takes a lot to maintain. I’m inspired to get more green indoors now that the weather has turned so dark and cold. Have a good week Gudy. x

  4. Me encanta tu reflexión. Me encanta el trabajo no acabado, el espacio que irá creciendo y viviéndose. Cada vez encuentro más bonito lo que se hace poco a poco y se deja un poco libre. Y lo dice una persona que le gusta tenerlo “todo” controlado, que no soporta el desorden y que es una maniática compulsiva pero algo estará pasando en mi vida para que tolere todos esos cambios y los encuentre bellos.

    Y sabes que me gustaría añadir a mi lista? Me encantaría tener algun dia un invernadero, un espacio lleno de luz, con miles de macetas y plantas y algo de madera, y algo de hierro, y unos cuencos con agua, y …, bueno, estoy soñando…

    Feliz noche Gudy!
    Un abrazo!


  5. Fascinating!

    I love their space and what they’ve done with it… I have a rather small flat with a nice sized roof terrace. I grow herbs but next year would like to have a little veg patch… working on it:-) I’m less keen on plants indoors, but flowers of course! x

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