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Beautiful silversmithing with Alison Jackson


Alison Jackson works full-time out of her silversmithing workshop, Pocket Studio, where she teaches short courses, and you have no idea how much I’d love to attend. You see, I am rambling lately around the idea of doing ceramics jewelry. Alison is into designing and making jewellery and table wares as well. I particularly love the spoon series or table tools as she calls them.




She discovered her love of silversmithing early and studied at the Australian National University School of Art, Gold and Silversmithing Workshop, and University of Applied Sciences, Gemstone and Jewellery Design in Idar-Oberstein (there is quite some jewelry education going on in Germany). And she has exhibited internationally and nationally.



Learning the age-old technique of hand-raising to create bowls and hollow forms in copper or silver must be very rewarding. I’d love to be guided through the process of cutting, forming and planishing to create my own spoons or any other form. As well, any art of jewelry teaching would just the right moment now. I am craving to learn techniques made by hand for the simple sake of having a good time. G, x

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