Beezantium, The Waterside Bee Hotel

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The bee hotel Beezantium designed by Invisible Studio offers a memorable experience thanks to its lakeside location in the grounds of the Newt Hotel in Somerset, UK.

The hive built-into walls facilitates the growth of the bee colony with unseasoned oak that offer natural holes for the bees to enter and exit. Also, copper pipes make it easier for bees to fly in and out and follow their natural rhythm meanwhile visitors can watch the resident colonies from a safe distance through glass screens.

It appears jewel-like, quirky and playful, almost like a folly with a glowing copper roof. But instead of being only about pleasure, the Beezantium is a purposeful building designed to house bees in observation hives in the external walls.”

- Piers Taylor, founder Invisible Studios


Visitors can experience the scent of the honey through a few ‘smell stations’ and learn details of the bees’ lifecycle and their still little-known impact on the planet.





Ph: @clickclickjim. Dutch agency @kossmanndejong teamed up with Invisible Studio on the interior and exhibition design of the bee hotel.


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