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Top 5: Best Of 2020

Color Universe 2020 Jotun Meditative State Of Mind | Eclectic Trends

As this special year comes to an end, please enjoy a round-up of highlights in which we revisit your most popular topics and pages. Color is still the main driver and has been now for a few years. I’m happy to see how much joy and influence color brings. In fact, in 2021, we are opening a new color chapter on Eclectic Trends and will soon let you know.


1// Color Trends 2020 By Jotun


Not only is Jotun‘s Color Universes for 2020 your most viewed article, but this mood board below is also the most repinned image though we show more a few more color mood boards. I believe the title of the color line Meditative state of mind helps too; 2020 has been the year of (more)e self-care. In a survey, 80% of Americans said they’d like to regularly practice more self-care after the pandemic. Healthy food, rituals, and exercising are just a few ways of taking care of; a calming color universe in our homes plays a big deal in influencing mood and rest.

Discover the article here in case you missed it.

The best of 2020 - Color Universe 2020 Jotun Meditative State Of Mind | Eclectic Trends

2// Four Color Trends 2020 By Dulux Australia



The leitmotiv of this years’ Color Forecast by Dulux Australia was ESSENCE, which focuses on our collective search for those things that bring us happiness. Our everyday life’s complexity, layered with digital streams of information, puts us on a constant high alert. As individuals, we need to go back to a spot where we can live a true, essential life. Published in 2019, the message is very true today.

Please go back to four journeys of different lifestyles and visions rendered into a 12 colors-palette by clicking on this link.

Eclectic Trends | 4 Color Trends 2020 Dulux Australia- Cultivate

3// How To Create A Mood Board As A Business Tool – Ecourse


Still, three years in a row, this page is in the Top 5, and I couldn’t be happier. In 2020, I published a new online course after having had a basic format on the market for a few years. The new program’s production for mood board pros was rather long since we translated the one-day masterclass held in Barcelona into an extensive online format for all those who can’t attend. I am thrilled to see all your interest and hope to complement the teachings in 2021 with on-site courses again in the second semester.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in learning more about the program, have a look here.


Online Course Mood Board Academy


4// Ten examples of why Le Corbusier’s color palette is on point still today


Finding this article in the Top 5 is quite an accomplishment considering it was published in 2017. Yet another proof that Le Corbusier keeps being timeless; we are drawn to classics, no matter if we look towards design or color symbolism. Did you know Le Corbusier created a book on color theories in 1931?


You might want to learn more in our post and see the first edition that was auctioned.

Le Corbusier Color Palette First Edition Book



5// Five Heimtextil Trends 2020/21


The name of the past Heinmtextil edition was “Where I belong, “a somewhat complex statement in current times, illustrated by 5 Heimtextil Trends 2020/21. Three agencies observed that several layers of identities are formed through diverse and infinite experiences we live in.

The result was translated into the themes of Maximum Glam, Pure Spiritual, Active Urban, Heritage Lux, and Multi-Local. You can find the sum-up here.


Thank you for following along, we had record visits this year again after a few calmer years, and I truly appreciate your interest. Here is to a vibrant 2021, full of color and thoughtful analysis of what is happening in the Interior Design & Lifestyle industry. G, x


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