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Bienale di Venice: en enchanting green house

I have been for the very time this year visiting (and working at) the Bienale di Architettura in Venice. I found this garden house the first day when wanting to rest and have lunch in a greener area of the pavilions. It was love at first sight and we have been going several times afterwards. Since I am still organizing all my pictures, I just wanted to start today with a little sneak peek of this fantastic place called Serra dei Giardini.

Bienale Venice Serra dei Giardini8

Bienale Venice Serra dei Giardini 1

Bienla Venice Serra dei Giardini 7

Bienale Venice Serra dei Giardini 4

Bienale Venice Serra dei Giardini

Bienale Venice Serra dei Giardini9

Bienale Venice Serra dei Giardini (1)

Bienalde VeniceSerra dei Giardini 1

The Fittja Pavilion below has been constructed in the backyard as a way of lunching the New Biennal of Art and Architecture in Botkyrka, Sweden. The Botkyrka konsthall grows from the knowledge produced by artists, architects, thinkers and curators from within the residency program me, in close collaboration with the community of Fittja, whose habitants come from 161 nations around the world.

Bienale Venice Serra dei Giardini 2

I will explain in further posts to come the concept behind the Biennale and Rem Koolhaas‘ approach, being the curator this year.

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. Such a lovely green place, Gudy! I see why you liked coming back here ;) Hope you had (or are having) a great time in Venice! Looking forward to seeing more. xx

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