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Birkenstock’s grandiose showroom in Paris

Birkenstock's grandiose showroom in Paris

Footwear brand Birkenstock has recently transformed a grandiose Paris apartment into its new showroom for its 1774 line and upcoming special projects.

Birkenstock 1774 line, named after the brand founding year, clearly refers to the brand’s heritage that particularly lies on the craftsmanship of its products. And from this point of view, the Rue Sant Honoré apartment perfectly embodies these two aspects thanks to its historical and artisanal details.

The London-based design studio Vinson & Co was chosen for the renovation of the 170 square meter showroom located in a typical Haussmann style apartment with paneled walls, intercommunicating rooms, stone fireplaces and parquet floors.


Birkenstock grandiose showroom in Paris

Birkenstock grandiose showroom in Paris

Birkenstock grandiose showroom in Paris

Birkenstock's grandiose showroom in Paris

According to Nick Vinson, “Birkenstock’s brief was to keep the showroom simple, full of light, neutral and with handmade finishes – they wanted a space that gives them flexibility”. What the design studio has created is a relaxing and soothing showroom where customers can feel at home. The color palette of comforting creams and earthy browns creates a de-stressing effect that is at the base of any self-care act or choice, like it could be to choose Birkenstock products.

To mirror the qualities of durability as well as the “fine aging” the brand’s products are famous for, the creative team decided to deliberately leave the patina of age visible for the Birkenstock’s grandiose showroom. Also, they chose to select new and vintage furniture, furnishings and decor in a palette of warm wood and aged, lived in leather from across Europe.

The 1774 line is displayed on Achille Castiglioni’s Lungangolo book shelf, a 1940’s folding glass and oak trolley or Aldo Bakker’s Tri-Angle stools, our recent Scene Stealer. Other seating of note include Toogood’s Roly-Poly chairs in raw colored fibre glass which sit alongside Pierre Jeanneret’s 1954 arm chairs, handmade in Chandigarh, India. Specially commissioned art panels by London-based embroiderer Geraldine Larkin, in jute and felt, reference the foot sole and uppers of Birkenstock’s footwear.

Everything selected is crafted in Europe, of quality materials with a focus on timeless design, consistent with the Birkenstock brand ethos.

Photography is by DePasquale + Maffini.

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