A Black Home in Lyon

Maison Hand is an interior design studio based in Lyon and founded 10 years ago by Pierre Emmanuel Martin and Stéphane Garotin. They run a boutique in the same city with the most amazing brands among theses many from Italy and Scandinavia which is just a genius interior combination if you ask me.






This black home probably has been all white before, and if they had left it like this, we would pretty much have had a Scandinavian look&feel with a well planned b&w interior design. But adding charcoal walls, the entire perception changes and we  observe a moody and even to a certain extend eclectic design (see the kitchen table?) approach now. For me, it’ s a master piece! And I insist, I would not live like this but truly admire the wise combination of colors, furniture and objects here. G, x

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. Splendid to see it in pictures!

    But as you too, I wouldn’t live this way, too dark for me! Anyways it is a beautiful house, and I loved the porcelain hand behind that great black lamp!

    1. Same here, Bayron, no way I’d live there but it’s just so different (and difficult to find today on the net) I had to share it!Un abrazo.

  2. Efectívamente me parece genial! Pero mi primera impresión al verlo ha sido de horror! Demasiado gris, triste, me ha recordado a los pisos de antaño sin ventanas y rancios. Al cabo de un rato he observado los magníficos muebles, las combinaciones de estilos, los detalles, las tapicerias y esa alfombra…
    Yo no podría vivir en él pero me encanta el resultado final.


    1. Exacto, lo comparto totalmente. No quiero vivir aquí pero contemplarlo es muy interesante porque los elementos que lo hacen hasta ecléctico son muy bien escogidos!Un abrazo!

  3. I always liked dark shades in interior design, however, I have never thought that black, white and grey could look so beautiful. Nice work!

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  5. Oh, this is a gorgeous interior design for a house. Thanks a lot. You have provided a lot of information about this topic. Thanks for sharing.

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