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Blog friends: Emmas Designblogg

This series has been suffered a longer break than planned but between trip and trip my editorial calendar got a bit forgotten. More reason to introduce you today to Emmas Designblogg with a little interview! I am very happy she took the time to answer a few questions! Most of the blogs I do present in this series are run by wonderful women I am glad to know in real life. I met Emma the very first time in Stockholm earlier this year at MTB, it was just a short ‘hello’ but we had some time in Berlin later at The Hive in May. I like her humor, and I do admire her consistent and extremely well curated blog.

Northern Delights_EmmaFexeus (1)

Furthermore, I read her book ‘Northern Delights‘ and have to say it is a true treasure. If you love Scandinavian Design, this book is a must have in your library. Here go some impressions:

Norhtern Delights_1

 1. Describe a typical day of yours during the week.

I don’t really have any typical days, they are all different. Some days are spent running around the city with a photographer in tow to shoot my favorite spots for the blog, others are more quiet and let me catch up on emails and blog posts with my laptop at a café, and sometimes I have a shoot scheduled where I style some settings for advertising or magazine features.

Other days are filled with travels, both for the blog (visiting trade fairs and press events) and doing workshops and talks on different subjects.

Northern Delights_1

 2. How has life changed since you are blogging?

Since I started blogging full time I have much more control over my days and my work hours. I can literally work anytime, from any place, as long as there is an internet connection. Also, all my jobs now come through the blog, so I never have to go looking for work or try to pitch projects to brands. The blog has given so many wonderful experiences in terms of travels and new friends all over the world that I would never have had otherwise!

Northern Delights_5

 3. How did you get to cooperate with Northern Delights? What was exactly your task?

The publisher, Gestalten, contacted me and asked if I wanted to make a book in the same style as my blog, and since this had been a dream of mine for several years, I just couldn’t say no. My job as an editor of the book was to choose and collect all the images for the book, pick out the people to be interviewed and also write the preface and chapter introductions. This took me about three months, and then I handed it all over to Gestalten who did the layout, general structure of the book, cleared all the copyrights and hired a journalist to do the interviews.

Northern Delights_6

 4. If you had to give any recommendation or tips for bloggers who want to publish a book, what would that be?

Make sure from the beginning that you have control over the project and will be in charge of what will be in the book. Get a lawyer to read through your contracts and leave any negotiating to them. Also, try to make sure that your title is “author” instead of “editor”, because that will give you better royalties.

Norhtern Delights_5

 5. What is the most satisfying part of your work?

Getting to share my favorite pictures and projects with my readers and seeing how much they like it. I also love being able to help new designers, stylists and photographers on their way by giving them some well deserved attention.

Norhtern Delights_6

 6. If not in Stockholm, where would you live and why?

I’ve been dreaming about moving to Amsterdam. I fell in love with the city as soon as I stepped out of the train station on my first visit there. Somehow it immediately felt like home, and I am so fascinated by the creative and open minded attitude that is flourishing there. The beauty of the city with all the old houses and canals is of course striking, and I also find the size to be just perfect. It’s like a big city with the tempo of a small town.

Northern Delights_8

 7.  Any projects for 2013/14 you are working on and could already reveal ?

Haha, sorry but I don’t want to jinx anything! I can tell you though that I will be traveling a lot, and have some big collaborations with a couple of great design brands coming up… The blog tour I was on in Copenhagen this summer together with a group of other European bloggers will be taken to next level with visits to a few other interesting countries. But that is all I can say at the moment.
xx, Emma
Thank you Emma! Such a pleasure having you again here!


How about some extra inspiration?

5 Responses

  1. Esta tia es una pasada!
    Es de los primeros blogs que sigo. Siempre me encanta todo lo que nos muestra y como lo muestra. Si ya me gustaba, después de tu entrevista me encanta. Ha escogido mi querida y mágica Amsterdam como ciudad preferida y me gusta lo franca, directa y la fuerza que tiene en sus palabras.
    El libro parece una maravilla!

    Que gusto poder conocerla hasta el punto de compartir esta entrevista.

    Repito, vaya par de tías guays!

    No me sorprende vuestro encontronazo. Sois dos cracs!

    Un abrazo!


  2. Great interview Gudy! Emma is a real inspiration for us bloggers. I totally agree that her consistency is spot on and she’s got the best taste! Mel x

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