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Blogs I admire: Confiture de Vivre

Today I want to introduce you to Sandy and her wonderful blog Confiture de Vivre. I have met Sandy through a BYW course hosted by Holly Becker and we immediately connected. You know when you just have the feeling of speaking the same language with someone? Sandy is one of the most caring bloggers out there, supporting others, with a special skill for connecting and a passion for food, food photography and styling!

I want to dedicate her the first article of a series about bloggers I really admire. And there is a good reason for it. Sandy will host a fantastic workshop with the amazing fellow blogger Meeta from What´s For Lunch Honey? in March in Weimar, Germany. I would love to attend myself but will not be able to fly to Germany during these dates. But I know it is going to be an unforgettable weekend just reading the program.

I have asked Sandy to give me an spontaneous interview and here goes what we have been “cooking”:

Sandy, would you mind introducing yourself shortly?
My name is Sandy, I am living in Jena, Germany, but my heart still resides in my second home – South France. During my day job I am working as a psychologist in Health Care Management.  I share my passion for French inspired recipes, stories of extraordinary people and my approach to life.

When did you start blogging, why and what is your blog about?

During my honeymoon in 2010 I’ ve had the very best confiture d’abricots of my life made by a very old “grand mère”. This is the one thing. The other is that my friends asked to write down my recipes and my stories of the people I meet when traveling. I was seeking for the best simple things in life, the essence, the extract of it – like a confiture –  and the stories behind. On my blog Confiture de Vivre I share my passion for French inspired recipes, stories of extraordinary people and my approach to life.

Who would you cook for if you had a dinner for 6 (can be anyone from the past or present)? 

I love to have very different people around me. A bunch of very dear friends is something I so appreciate but I really would have Ulrich Wickert (a former German journalist) to join my dinner. He is as dedicated to France as I am and maybe I could learn a few more phrases in French.

How did you come up with the idea of the food styling/photography?

When I started my blog, my husband – he is a photographer (specialized in people not in food), took the photos. There was a lot of trouble because he has got a totally different kind of view when it comes to food photography. I am a girl and I love props. So one and a half year ago I started to take my own photos and my husband was my teacher – a very good one for the basics. Everything else is hard work – every day!

What are your plans for 2013?

I hope my first workshop with my dear friend Meeta will be a success. I love to work with her, she is a wonderful teacher. Second, I’ll be hosting macarons-baking workshops in my hometown. My fave artisan baker helps me with the location. And the third, hubby and me are looking for a Maison to buy in South France and I am looking forward, maybe the perfect house is on its way, keep your fingers crossed.

Sandy is just bursting with creativity as you can picture from the collage and Meeta and herself want to teach and share their “savoir à faire” during two days with a reduced number of participants to assure everyone is getting the most out of it.
So, if you have any questions, please move over to any of the two blogs and if you happen to attend that course, please let me know!

How about some extra inspiration?

8 Responses

  1. I would so love to attend this workshop if I wouldn’t be on vacation on these dates – Sandy and Meeta are just fabulous! Sandy – you should totally invite Ulrich Wickert! He might come! I just listened to an interview in one of those german talk shows and he seems to seek fun…I will never forget seeing him on TV eating only the inside of his expensive french cheese…So hilarious!!! Even my mother in law wrote a letter to the broadcaster to complain! Happy day, my dear friends♡♡♡Anette

  2. What a wonderful interview and a wonderful idea, Gudy! I felt exactly the same when I got to know Sandy through the BYW Bootcamp! And even more (if possible) when we met at Blogst in Hamburg last November. Sandy is so warm and caring, so creative, full of life and fun to be with! This photography-workshop will surely be fantastic!



  3. OOOHHH GUDY, great post, I love it! I really think about the workshop in Weimar now, this is the thing I am looking for all the time. So – I let you know if I will be part of it. Thank you, love!

    1. Jana, das wird dir gefallen, versprochen. Die beiden Damen sind ‘ne Wucht und das Programm ist wirklich einzigartig!

  4. I like Sandy soooo much. Like you I also met her at BYW and instantly connected. I just know I’ll meet her one day. Unfortunately I can’t go to her workshop, but she is undoubtly going to be very successful

  5. Hi Gudy and Sandy! Lovely interview, very personal and real. Sandy I do hope that you get that house in the South of France, sounds wonderful… Can totally relate to your story of your husband being the “people photographer” and then the teacher to you… feel like I’m starting to live this now! Confiture de Vivre is such a beautiful blog and wish that I could attend your workshop! Mel x

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