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Blogs I admire: iiiinspired

Today I’d like you to introduce you to Agnes and her wonderful blog iiiinspired. Her site is one of the very first blogs I started following when discovering the blog world and I am still a true fan. She has a great taste and style and we have been working on some questions so you can get to know (and follow) her a little better.

Hi Agnes! For those who might not know those details, would you mind introducing yourself shortly? 

I’m Agnes Szucs, a designer living in Budapest, Hungary.                                                               

When did you start blogging why and what is your blog about?

I started my first blog back in 2007, that one was a personal one, mostly to showcase the work I did at the University. Then, exactly three years ago I switched to my current blog “iiiinspired” with one simple agenda: to share the beauty that I find. It’s all about anything that I personally find beautiful, cool, clever or just plain funny… I usually post fashion, fine art, design, illustration, photography and interiors interspersed with little collections (the series that I call “things”) that convey a mood or are somehow built around one particular theme, or maybe tell a little story.

I should say I’m a real sucker for beautiful things and images. So much so that I even find myself gently stroking a page with my hand in a glossy when I find something very nice… and on occasion this even happens with my computer screen.   

Is there such a thing as Hungarian fashion style? Where do you see yourself as a designer?

 I don’t really think there’s such a thing as Hungarian fashion style. Though I do have some experience in fashion, I’m not a real fashion designer, I’ve got my MA in graphic design, but I feel that I haven’t worked enough neither in graphic design nor in fashion to really be able to position myself anywhere in Hungary’s design world… :D :D For me it’s sufficient to know that whatever I make looks good and reaches a certain high quality (both according to my own standards).

Is your blog an extension of your career? And where would you like your blog to lead to?

Haha, that’s a very good question. It started out as no more than a platform for spreading beauty. But now I actually do hope that I’ll be able to use it as a marketing tool when I’ll have my own products, hopefully soon. I recently made myself independent and would love to have my own products (you know, lovely illustrations to hang on your wall and some accessories… necklaces of leather, and the like), but as my avid readers know, I’m so lazy that I practically can’t get my act together until I have the sword of Damocles hanging over my head… So, Damocles, please come.

What are your plans as a designer for 2013?

This year I quit my job as a graphic designer to really press myself to do my own thing. Right now I’m just moving into a small studio, or rather workshop, that I’ll share with a fashion designer girl. Our windows face the beautiful building of the Museum of Applied Arts. It’s a really inspiring place with lots of young designers… jewelers, bag designers, illustrators and the like, so I’m very much looking forward to tinkering my days away here. I hope to take on a few odd graphic design jobs too, and I’m also planning on entering the “Rebuttoned” (Gombold újra) fashion design competition again.

Note: all images above belong to the making of process and competition itself.

Thank you Agnes, so much for your time and please keep us iiiinspired! Your blog is a real treasure out there in blogland!

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. Thank you, her blog is wonderful! I think I’ve seen it before, but now I spent some more time there and I can totally understand why you’re such a big fan. Love her style, taste and finds.

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