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Blogs I admire: Nezart Design

I am very happy today since I have wanted to introduce you to Rene’ who lives in California for quite some time. Her blog was one of the first ones I discovered and have followed ever since. She has an amazing visual talent among others! We have basically two things in common: we both blog and love ceramics (you have to see her ceramic heads!). Good starting point, right?

Would you mind introducing yourself?

My name is Rene’ Norman: Painter, Potter, Designer, Blogger.

When did you start blogging, why and what is your blog about?

I began blogging January 2011 as a way of gathering all the things that inspire me as an artist. Originally I would call it an art blog, but now I would say that my blog is a visual diary of my spiritual journey as a creative being. My tagline on Nezart Design is ‘art is all around us, ant that makes me smile’ which really is my truth. Everything is connected and keeps feeding into itself and spilling over into new things.I love that!

What do you do for a living a what role plays your blog there?

I make my living as a fine artist and potter. Occasionally my own creations will find a place on my blog. Oh, and I also do works as an interior designer.

What are your plans for 2013?

My plans involve growing my business and expanding as an artist. I am hoping to start workshops/classes for adults and children that invite the community into the experience of making art. I love working with children because they are a beautiful reminder to ‘stay in the moment’, ‘have fun’, and ‘keep it simple’. For me, those pearls of wisdom are key to staying in the flow as an artist. Also, I am getting an itch to travel as to literally & geographically expand my horizons…so I am planting seeds to find a creative way to make that happen. There is so much to see and so many ways to move in this world which keeps the creative pool full and overflowing.

Thank you Rene’, really happy to have you a while over here! Wish you loads of success in your projects and hopefully you include Europe (let’s say, Spain) in your geographical expansions!

This is just a sneak peek from her tumblr. I admire the ability to switch flawless from one color, discipline and topic to the next!

Nezart Design
And yes, I just had to show you her porcelain ‘pals’ which you could shop right here. Love the names she gives them!
Rene Norman wren heads

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. Wow Gudy, Rene’s tumblr is totally impressive! Bringing the continuation of those images together is art in itself. Great interview and thanks for the introduction. Mel x

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