IT’S TRENDING: Botanical Vibes

Femke Pastijn has been styling with photographer Jeroen van der Speck and the Delicious Magazine, and all I can say it I  just love this shooting. It’s the perfect starting point to represent the Botanical Trend.


Botanical Trend-Eclectic Trends

Botanical Trend-Eclectic Trends  Botanical Trend-Eclectic Trends

Botanical Trend-Eclectic Trends

Now, can you imagine work at a space like this?

With all this light, greenery and nature feeling around? I am wondering if this desk actually desk exists in that exact place, or if it was just set up here for the shoot. No matter, it’s truly inspiring. No trend was ever greener and that popular than this one! It’s interesting to see hoe it spreads over to food, too becoming multidisciplinary. Well, that’s when we actually talk trend, other wise it would de a fad. I hope it still lasts a bit, and actually becomes a new way of living, habit and routine in our lives. G, x

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. This is so gorgeous! It makes me want to chuck in my London life and run off to the countryside for good. I’d love to have a little greenhouse all to myself :-)

  2. Such a beautiful photo series: great styling & a wonderful subject! It makes me want to try harder to grow things in my garden this year. I’m not very good at growing edible greens, because the earth in my garden isn’t very welcoming, but oh boy: the joy of eating your own veggies is so worth all the effort. Anyway, I simply love this “trend” ;)

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