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Bright Bazaar. A book review

I have received Will‘s book some days ago and it has travelled with me to different places here in Barcelona. I felt like reading it outdoor on a terrace, in a café, on my way to a workshop…

bright bazaar foto

I have been immersed on four different journeys in this fantastic book and I am ready now to take you with me on a little tour. The picture above is taken at the Taranná Café where I like to brunch on the weekends, and that’s where I started to flick through Mr. Bright Bazaar‘s book for the first time. There are three chapters and the first one is called Colour is your friend, thought as an introduction for those who are dubious about how to apply with a ten steps guide to colour confidence. My favourite tip here? Trust our instincts!

colour is yr friend

colour is yr friend-2

The second chapter travelled with me on a morning where different workshops in an area of Barcelona would open their doors to let us snoop a bit into those artisan work spaces that are normally not open to the public. Could there be any better than finding these mint pallets, dvelving into the fascinating second chapter called Colour Cocktails and learn about signature colour palettes?


You’ll find ten different cocktails of colour combos here with most fascinating names such as The Candy Crush, The Lavender Lick or The Cerulean Splash which you see on the following image. All cocktails are illustrated with  examples of how they look like in a room and mood boards of objects to give you some inspiration.

bringing colour home

Bringing colour home is the third and last chapter with a tour through entrances, living rooms, kitchens, dining areas, home office, sleeping spaces, children’s bedrooms and outdoor areas ( I am personally smitten by Jonathan Adler outdoor spot you see below).

bringing colour home-2

It’ so much eye candy information along 191 pages, you can’t soak in all the colourful photography (by Andrew Boyd) at once, so I stopped and came back on another stroll through the gothic quarter having a coffee at La Candela Café.

reading Bright Bazaar's book

I believe this is a brilliant book! It is well structured, extremely well written by a true expert, combined with outstanding carefully picked  images from homes of many different countries…but you know what I like best? Will’s travel photography because it makes the book so much more personal. He is somehow there with you  and makes you feel part of his journey.

bringing colour home-3

Will, my friend, you have been one of the nicest persons I had the pleasure to spend time with last year. I truly hope we can find some time again on a blog tour, dinner in Barcelona or elsewhere. I wish you and your amazing ‘better half’ all dreams and projects you may have in your life come true, and this little flower crown, crafted on my last trip when reading your book, is dedicated to you. xx, Gudy

reading Bright Bazaar's book (2)

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5 Responses

  1. Genial Gudy, el enfoque que le has dado a la reseña del libro de Will, paseándolo por Barcelona. Después de que me dejaras ojearlo, ya estoy tardando en hacerme con él!

  2. It is such a visual delight to see all those lovely pictures. It seems as if you are travelling with the book..with the person in the book :)
    What magic people weave through words and picture, it often amazed me. Stunned!
    Thanks for sharing the wonderful review, loved it in every sense!

  3. Gudy such a lovely and heartfelt review. Will really did a fantastic job, he got me right from the intro which I would have to say is one of the best intro’s I’ve read. M xx

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