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Bruno Suet Photography

I use to post one home tour per week. But lately I don’t find too much that really draws my attention, and I spend less time on the net, that’s another reason. But I found this cool photographer and some really interesting images on his portfolio of different homes. And gardens.

Bruno Suet Photography

Bruno Suet Photography staircase

Bruno Suet is not just a very talented interior photographer but has a lot to tell as well through his garden images. He has worked for more than 20 years for renown magazines shooting homes of famous modernist architects such as Alvar Aalto and has started his career as an architect by himself.

 Bruno Suet Photography garden

Bruno Suet Photography garden-2

Bruno Suet Photography garden-3

Bruno Suet Photography garden-4

His eye for form, line and color is seriously trained. Don’t you just love his wonderful examples of zen gardens around the world and the colour approach he works with? I like the contrast here and darker tone approach here. Interesting enough I was describing to my father this weekend how my ideal garden would look like focussing on some mediterranean style with herbs, olive and fig trees, one cypress at least, all combined with zen elements of water and earth. I know quite unusual but one can dream, right? G, xx

How about some extra inspiration?

3 Responses

  1. Love those garden shots. So zen, so calm. And the personality of dark wood in house. Beautiful.
    Fall in love with the ceramic collection.

  2. Such a charming masculine home. He captures the gardens it beautifully. Your idea of a garden sound’s like a piece of paradise and I hope you get it one day soon, green is so good for the soul. Mel xx

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