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Café Burlot Paris by Dimore Studio

Hello everybody! Happy New Year, I hope you had a blissful time with your beloved ones and managed to get some time off. I had a full program with family and friends until this weekend, and I am all back now working quite a bit behind the scenes already.

This year I am coming  up with new products, more international workshops and speaking engagements, and I am working on exclusive content for my newsletter too, planning on cooperations with experts in their filed on varies themes and just can’t wait to share with all you soon.Caffe Burlot Paris

But for today, let’s start with one of my favorite interior design studios, Dimore Studio. I hardly post any commercial spaces on this blog but I can’t help it, I have a true passion for all the projects they design being commercial or residential.

Cafe Burlot Dimore

Caffe Burlot Paris Dimore Studio Jungle Trend

One day when dining and hotel master minds Thierry Burlot and Thierry Costes got together, they decided by the end of the evening to be a launching a restaurant together, inspired by 1950s Italy.  The place is a reminiscence of an Italian trattoria of that period where the desserts are listed first on the menu (according to Thierry Burlot, he observed women would look at desserts first, and he just wanted to make sure they’d leave room…I might be another sort of woman then:)

Burlot Paris

The color scheme, fabrics, use of plants and furniture created by Dimore are a true master class in this place, and their work just make them outstanding in the international interior design scene. For me, they are the experts of ‘moody’ and utterly elegant environments where velvet, art deco and jungle elements play often a key role.

So, here is to an awesome year, my friends! Thank you for reading, sharing, commenting and being there. I hope to walk with you for another wonderful 12 month (and much more) ahead. G, x

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