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Can a tattoo parlor prioritize inclusivity and wellness?

Atelier Eva Tattoo Parlour in Brooklyn Eclectic Trends

When you think of a tattoo parlor, what images come to mind?

Atelier Eva Tattoo Parlour in Brooklyn Eclectic Trends

Perhaps clinically lit, gritty spaces with heavy music blaring in the background and an air of exclusivity that can be quite intimidating…

Today in our blog post we explore a parlor that aims to challenge those preconceptions. Atelier Eva, located in Brooklyn, is rewriting the rulebook when it comes to tattoo culture.

Eva Karabudak, a renowned tattoo artist celebrated for her micro-realism tattoos, decided to create Atelier Eva with a transformational approach. She wanted to provide a safe, inclusive, and calming environment for all, a place where everyone can feel comfortable getting inked. This unique approach was born from her own experiences of feeling uncomfortable and unsafe as a woman in her earlier work environments.

Atelier Eva Tattoo Parlour in Brooklyn Eclectic Trends

One step into Atelier Eva, and you’ll immediately notice the difference. The Grand Street parlor, designed by Alp Bozkurt, is a remarkable transformation of a former hardware store dating back to 1895.

The 3,000-square-foot space is a harmonious blend of the old and the new, creating a warm and calming environment that stands in stark contrast to the traditional tattoo parlor aesthetic.

The renovation work lovingly preserved the original features of the building, including large roof trusses, skylights, and brick walls. These elements were not only restored but also highlighted, offering a captivating glimpse into the building’s history. The arches in the space reveal details of the original structure, punctuating translucent polycarbonate panels that unify the interior.

Atelier Eva Tattoo Parlour in Brooklyn Eclectic Trends

Atelier Eva Tattoo Parlour in Brooklyn Eclectic Trends

One of the most striking features of Atelier Eva is the openness of the design. The arches, reminiscent of the building’s history, now serve as stations for tattoo artists, creating a welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re an artist or a client, the arrangement ensures a degree of privacy without sacrificing the sense of community. Foldable padded tables for clients, artist stools, and equipment storage all neatly fit into these niches, making the space functional and adaptable.

Atelier Eva Tattoo Parlour in Brooklyn Eclectic Trends

The pink concrete consultation table, the seating area with boucle-covered chairs, the lush green planters, and the consultation area, shrouded by a sheer curtain, all serve as comfortable spaces where clients can discuss their tattoo ideas. Privacy is paramount, but the studio still allows for natural light to flood the space, providing glimpses of the artistry happening inside. 

Atelier Eva Tattoo Parlour in Brooklyn Eclectic Trends

What’s our take? 

Atelier Eva is redefining the tattoo industry by infusing it with a sense of inclusivity and wellness, with a primary focus on creating a calming and stress-free experience. It’s a stark contrast to the traditional tattoo parlor stereotype. Atelier Eva is a place that celebrates diversity and encourages self-expression in a safe, nurturing environment. 

Ultimately, these are interior spaces that feel good :)

Images: Atticus Radley

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  1. Atelier Eva’s approach to the tattoo industry is truly remarkable. Their commitment to inclusivity and wellness, while maintaining a sense of community, is refreshing. The transformation of the old hardware store into a warm, open, and welcoming space is impressive. It’s a place that not only celebrates diversity but also promotes self-expression in a safe and nurturing environment. Atelier Eva’s mission to challenge preconceptions in the tattoo culture is commendable, making it a beacon of positive change in the industry.

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