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Casa Decor Madrid: my favorite 3 interior design picks

I have been visiting for at least 15 years the Barcelona edition of Casa Decor and had always been very curious to see the Madrid edition. You always wonder what the capital comes up with and this year I have finally been able to pay a visit to one of the most important interior design events of the year. Honestly, I don’t think it was, let’s say, a super inspiring edition. There was no risk, no innovation, not too much novelty but then you always find a few proposals that make you smile in a way, so today I present you my Top3.

First let me introduce you to who have never heard about this event before what Casa Decor is exactly about. The organization behind searches for empty buildings throughout the year (they are in several countries) and offer different spaces to interior designers and creatives to dress up a room for a period of about one month. You’ll find different proposals of interior designs in kitchen, living rooms, kids spaces, bath rooms, even storage solutions, terraces and a couple of bars and restaurants too. After the month of exhibition, everything is dismantled until next year to be all set up again at a different space with a new edition. Quite a thing!

Casa Decor Artefaktum7

Casa Decor madrid 1

Casa Decor madrid 2

Casa Decor madrid 3 (1)

Casa Decor madrid 3

Casa Decor 2014

Manuel Núñez Uceda and Sergio Moreno Díaz are the two creatives behind the studio Artefaktum. They define their space as eclectic, lightful, natural and with a certain classic twist. Certainly this Élitis wallpaper and  painted ceiling in Klein Blue is what stands out most here.

Casa Decor madrid TElva

Casa Decor madrid  Telva

Casa Decor 2014 Telva

Casa Decor madrid  Telva

Casa Decor madrid 5 (1)

Following the indoor garden trend and bringing as much greenery as possible into our home, Ana Pardo de Santayana y Carla Rotaeche have been designing a kind of indoor green oasis for Telva full of light and nature. What I liked most here is the old table displaying on its countertop all kinds of plants as if they were in a green house.

Casa Decor Madrid Beatriz Silveira 6

Casa Decor Madrid Beatriz Silveira 4

Casa Decor Beatriz Silveira 2

Casa Decor Madrid Beatriz Silveira 3

Casa Decor Madrid Beatriz Silveira 5

And finally, a quiet classic proposal by Beatriz Silveira from Batik Interiores who is the responsable of this living area here where I really love the two Gio Ponti armchairs reloaded by Molteni you can see on the first pic. They are high on my bucket list and I admire them always when visiting the Salone del Mobile in April.

You can still visit the madrid edition until June, 22nd. Do you have a similar edition in your city? Or have you ever visited any Casa Decor abroad in any other city? Would love to hear your experience then.

How about some extra inspiration?

8 Responses

    1. Wishing you an easy move, Munich is wonderful though, I believe. Have never been there I must admit but do have friends who live there.Good luck, Angela!

  1. Hi Gudy. I hadn’t heard of this show and I like the idea of it. The blue ceiling with the skirting gives off quite a spectacular effect. Of course that trestle table with the plants is my favourite here. M xx

  2. Hi Gudy! Love the blue room-oh to have ceilings high enough to do that! I love these pop up concepts. We have quite a few press shows and shops in London in these spaces and I think it’s so great. Lovely picks from the show-thanks for sharing. Have a great week lovely xx

  3. Sounds like such an interesting concept. I’d love to visit one of these homes some day.My favourite has got to be the green indoor garden. Magnificent. xD

    1. Min too, Doris, I had a hard time writing the post, there were 4 floorings and I was more than surprised with the exposition.At least the green space made the the whole visit worth it :-)

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