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Casa Mutina Modena – a 360º view on a company’s portfolio

Located in the heart of the historic center of Modena, Casa Mutina Modena is the new series of residences designed for guests and Mutina staff, but not only. The space allows the visitor to experience the company’s reality in person, and it’s the first tangible expression of Mutina Interiors that goes beyond tiles design.

Each suite follows a different color theme and mood board with different materials, enhancing the creative potential of Mutina Interiors: the collection Tiles, 3D Elements, Paints, Wood, Metal, and Accessories have been used in a transversal way and combined to create complete and distinctive environments of contemporary taste. Casa Mutina Modena can be visited by appointment.

The building features four suites that Copenhagen-based practice OEO Studio has designed in collaboration with Mutina’s Project Division, who provided a more modern context while preserving the authenticity of the settings and the original architecture.








Cass Mutina Modena

Cass Mutina Modena

Cass Mutina Modena




Cass Mutina Modena

Cass Mutina Modena

Ph: DePasquala+Maffini

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