Car modelling clay repurposed by Johanna Seelemann

Have you ever wondered how first car prototypes can be made? Car modeling clay is typically used to create 1:1 prototypes of new car designs. Johanna Seelemann models with wax-based material that is re-purposed in this work to make stable products but remain ever-transformable for the user.     Seelemann acknowledges with Terra Incognita the […]

Art In A Japanese Bathhouse

We all dream of traveling again soon, and Japan is definitely on my list right on top. I remember a few visits to a bathhouse and enjoying my first experience with their bathing and wellbeing culture very much. That’s why I was immediately drawn to this project submitted within the current FRAME Awards. This small […]

Why Round Shapes Spark Joy And 5 Examples Of Chubbiness

Designer and author Ingrid Fetell Lee, who has been researching joy for ten years, shares in her TED Talk Where joy hides and how to find it that neuroscientists have discovered a reaction to why round shapes spark joy and make us feel good. There is no surprise that aesthetics change people’s attitudes and mood; forms and […]

Ceramicist of the month: Alice Walton

Hong Kong-based Ting-Ying Gallery brings a dynamic and highly influential mission to the world of contemporary craft by stimulating ongoing dialogues between East and West, tradition and innovation, function and aesthetics. For a recent show collaboration, British ceramic artist Alice Walton contributed with her hypnotizing porcelain labyrinths. According to the gallery, despite featuring intensely textured surfaces and complex […]

Mechanical and physical hugs by Lucy McRae

Mechanical and physical hugs by Lucy McRae-Eclectic Trends

If you think of a visionary, you need to know Lucy McRae. She describes herself as an artist, an interpreter of signals, which she turns into speculations raising the question of how can the art universe be part of this fast-changing world? Her work comes from making, it’s intuitive, in her own words. This hug project […]

Fluid shapes in Sergey Makhnos’ home

If you observe 3D renderings made during the past 8 months, you’ll find a few common trend features: clouds, water, fantasy landscapes, and more than anything, fluid forms. In moments of uncertainty, we feel drawn to the familiar, which are organic fluid shapes seen in nature over and over again. Fluid shapes in Sergey Makhnos’ home […]