Heath Ceramics

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This was just another highlight during our BlogTourLA with Modenus. Geraldine suggested a visit to Heath Ceramics and I am so glad Veronika just made it possible! This is going to be a long post! Heath Ceramics has a fantastic showroom in Los Angeles featuring their collections and products from like-minded designer/makers. And you can admire Adam Silverman's workshop and see him work …

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DIY leather storage

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Hello dear readers on eclectic trends blog, it’s Mette from monsterscircus – I’m so glad to be back on Gudy’s truly inspiring blog. How are we all? I hope you’re ready for a simply, quick and stylish project, sounds good huh? Storage solutions are something we all can use and I’ve made a project you can use in so many ways …

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BlogTourLA: Visiting Natural Curiosities

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Natural Curiosities was another great visit Veronika organized  for the Modenus BlogTourLA. Located in a breathtaking former recreation house space, this art house has been most inspiring. Christopher Wilcox and his team of artists and designers are creating all art work in these studios in Los Angeles. We have been lucky enough to get a peek behind the scenes during the creative process …

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New working space!

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So, yes, I have a new workshop in a ceramic school where they rent spaces out. It's all light filled and in an area of Barcelona I don't use to visit. Which is good in a way. There is still so much to discover. It takes me less than half an hour and that was exactly the main objective! Plus, …

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‘When you build something like this, you feel, I can do anything’ | House made of windows

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Yes, it is 7 minutes and something. Get your favorite mug, brew some coffee or tea, grab a cookie or two or three, and dream with this video just for a while. Use the fullscreen mode. Enjoy! Each window a story! When photographer Nick Olson and designer Lilah Horwitz had their first date they jokingly wondered what it would be like to live in …

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DIY contemporary indoor garden

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Dear eclectic trends readers, it's Mette from monsterscircus. I hope you all enjoying your summer still. Indoor garden is a trend that's hard to ignore, so today I'm going to share a DIY on how to make a contemporary hanging garden. The macramé is a great way to make hanging plants but with this project you don't have to be an experienced …

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