Barcelona diaries: chalk paint classes | Before and after

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I have attended a couple of weeks ago a chalk painting course ( if you follow me on Instagram, you know I have been abusing a bit with many pics) and have been kind of addicted to it since. I have decided to make a break now since everything I could get ahold of was about to get a new …

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Niche magazines: Flow Magazine for paper lovers

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I have discovered the Dutch edition of Flow Magazine last December at Holly' Becker's workshop in Hannover. About seven month ago they put together the first edition of the English edition, and today we have already the second issue on the markets. Niche magazines are a trend. I see lots of crafting magazines now (Mollie makes, The Simple Things, Uppercase etc.). Do …

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Amazing flower constructions by Anne Tenn Donkelaar

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Let's do a little break before I go on with the Salone material and talk flowers today. I see flowers and plants everywhere. There has never been such a strong movement before I believe. The botanical world is trendy. Flowers are used in food, made out of different materials and are an evergreen on any kind of patterns. And plants are invading …

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Covering material trends in graphic design: Kristina Krogh

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I am smitten by these graphic designs. In fact, I am still thinking of which to order, they are all so beautiful it is going to be a difficult decision. Whenever that happens, I use to leave the site, come back a few days later, browse again and go for the one I still find very special. No compulsive shopping …

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Blogs I admire: iiiinspired

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Today I'd like you to introduce you to Agnes and her wonderful blog iiiinspired. Her site is one of the very first blogs I started following when discovering the blog world and I am still a true fan. She has a great taste and style and we have been working on some questions so you can get to know (and …

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Aymie Spitzer and her beautiful wooden maps

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Aymie Spitzer is a graphic designer living in Brooklyn, New York. Neighborwoods is a personal project she has created through working at Hyperakt, an independent design studio from NYC. The response has been so positive that Neighborwoods is now her full time venture with 22 maps, other products such as coasters, skate desks or key chains (view them all here) a custom handwritten font …

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