Chip Shop- cream whites and chocolate browns

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One of the things I loved when I lived in New York City was the possibility to order fresh baked cookies with milk to be delivered at home in a matter of minutes! But what if instead, when longing for a glass of milk with chocolate chips, you could literally step into that feeling? Now you can step into Chip …

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Contemporary Feeling At Home – Il Palazzo Experimental

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Il palazzo experimental is one of these hotel concepts you immediately feel drawn to if you are looking for a more personal y less standardized concept. Dorothee Meilichzon and her team took over an ancient house in Venice that was turned into Adriatica’s Headquarters (Naval Transport Company) until they closed. The overall look invites to a superb artisan Italian style and …

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Birkenstock’s grandiose showroom in Paris

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Footwear brand Birkenstock has recently transformed a grandiose Paris apartment into its new showroom for its 1774 line and upcoming special projects. Birkenstock 1774 line, named after the brand founding year, clearly refers to the brand’s heritage that particularly lies on the craftsmanship of its products. And from this point of view, the Rue Sant Honoré apartment perfectly embodies these two …

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Our Top 5 Findings This Week

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Welcome to a new series on Eclectic Trends! We get all the time the question of where we get our inspiration from. Our Top 5 Findings this week will give you some insights of a few internet readings we pick every two weeks, and you'll see they're not Interior Design related only. We hope you'll find it educating and useful. LIFESTYLE 1// How we will …

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The quiet allure of Greta Cevenini’s work

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This is why we’d like to share with you today quiet allure of Greta Cevenini's work: 1// In a nutshell: Greta Cevenini is a set designer, stylist and interior architect, based in Milan. Her work finds its foundation on an ongoing visual research for new references - spanning through several disciplines such as art, architecture and fashion, with the sole aim of …

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The Instagrammable Milk Train shop by FormRoom 

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The Instagrammable Milk Train ice cream shop by FormRoom design studio was created to "catered primarily to their diverse Instagram demographic” who have propelled the brand to instant online fame in 2018. And there is no doubt FormRoom managed to make of Milk Train a very Instagrammable spot! A sense of nostalgia and joy sparks from their products and the dreamy cotton candy …

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