Studiopepe new design for Jaspal store in Bangkok

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Studiopepe has recently designed the new Jaspal flagship store in Bangkok defined by a strong tactile feeling and round-shaped atmosphere. If you are regular reader,  Studiopepe’s projects are probably not new to you as they are a big hit here at Eclectic Trends. We just love what the ladies do being always one step ahead, creating sophisticated interiors that never stops to fascinate us. …

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Can aesthetics be leveraged as treatment by Google

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Last year, Google's exhibition 'Software' and debut at the Salone del Mobile was all about how to humanize technology and surround Google's consumer goods with a more tactile experience.  This year, in a multi room installation at Spazio Maiocchi, A Space for Being explored the field of neuroaesthetics and how different aesthetic experiences have the potential to impact our biology and well-being …

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5 Top Installations Milan Design Week 2019

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This is post is already a classic here on Eclectic Trends because you do not travel to the Milan Design Week to see the latest in furniture and design trends but get all excited about the 5 Top Installations the city has to offer, often placed in courtyards and palazzos open on that occasion only. This year I will highlight 5 …

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The multifunctional Ideas lab by Shangai-based X+Living

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Today, we want to introduce to the multifunctional Powerlong Ideas lab designed by Shangai-based X+Living office. This project, that includes a commercial space, as well as research areas and offices for the Powerlong group, wants to encapsulate the 21st Industrial Revolution. With the advent and popularity of computers, the invisible Information Age deduced and changed the humanity and commercial mode of this …

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The bold custom terrazzo floor by Do Architects

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This is why we’d like to share the bold custom terrazzo floor designed  by Do Architects for this apartment in Lithuania: 1// In a nutshell: Thanks to a bold custom floor design, Lithuania-based DO Architects managed to transform an average urban apartment into one of the latest and probably most striking examples of a terrazzo trend that seems just doesn’t want to come to an end. 2// …

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Brutalism inspired store for Haight in Rio de Janeiro

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Sometimes facing challenges can lead to real opportunities, and eventually a signature style is born. Brazilian architecture firm MNMA was commissioned to design a 80m2 outlet which we consider Brutalism inspired for fashion brand Haight in Rio de Janeiro. I am writing this post coming back from a two-days Trend Lecture I have giving in France, and Brutalism used as a …

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