This is how Tumblr founder David Karp lives | A loft in Brooklyn

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This David Karp's, founder and chief executive officer of  Tumblr, newly renovated loft in Brooklyn. He is not into anything particularly shiny or smooth but has a clear preference for all kind of aged and rough materials: ancient bricks, weathered concrete, blackened steel and reclaimed oak. Brick walls and huge windows give quite an industrial look with is immediately softened with …

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Travel treasures: Shanghai adventures

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I had spent only 1,5 days extra after finishing my decorating workshops in Shanghai but boy, the pictures I have been able to take are amazing. I visited the older and more traditional Shanghai. The modern and more luxurious part of the town I had the occasion to get a glimpse the previous days during my trainings. In the mornings I …

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Bart&Pieter | A green thread

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My heart opens up when I see these kind of images and read the interview. Coffeeklatsch has published such a good article about Bart&Pieter, two gentlemen who design and create green spaces. It is so interesting to read that their work just gets better in time since nature has to do its part too growing and taking space. I have never thought …

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Travel treasures: Kelly Wearstler’s offices and boutique in Los Angeles

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How many highlights can you have during one trip? I just know during our BlogTour to LA, this was one of these pinch me moments. Visiting designer Kelly Wearstler's offices and boutique has been very inspiring and mostly, a huge learning. I don't think I have to introduce her, so let's go directly to the pictures from the afternoon we spent …

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Meet photographer Sanna Lindberg

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These images are from Sanna Lindberg's work. She is a Stockholm based photographer who has lived several years in Paris and Tokyo, specialized in interiors, food, portraits and travel. Check out her fantastic portfolio at AgentMolly too. What I like about this apartment is the dark herringbone flooring, dark glass cabinet, dark chairs in their living and still having the feeling …

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Barcelona Style: a renovation in the Gothic Quarter

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Two brothers who grew up in Barcelona entrusted David Kohn Architects with the remodeling of this rather unlivable but unusual apartment in a triangular block in the Gothic Quarter. A first move consisted in stripping out the many walls that had been created giving more prominence to the 5m high ceilings again. Since the hydraulic tiles were quite damaged, Mosaics Martí (I didn't know …

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