My September Moodboard

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Back to monthly mood boarding after the August. This series is one of the themes I like best. First, because they get me work with my hands. Then researching beautiful imagery and finding out where my mood goes to this time is just really nice. The advantage here is I just go with the flow whereas when working for clients mood boards have …

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Photography and Moodboarding Workshop in London

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I have some very exciting news to share with you! Since I had received requests in Copenhagen to offer a moodboarding class abroad and in London (thank you Emma for coming up and asking!), here you go! And I have a wonderful sparing partner since Emily Quinton will share all her magic and photography knowledge and we will work with …

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Trend & Moodboarding Workshop in Barcelona: 31.05.14

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I have changed the formula of my workshops and are much happier with it. We concentrate now on 2 blocks I'll describe below. It's much more focused now on a professional level where my students get to work with their projects being it their own studio they want to set up, defining their visual image and how to position themselves …

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The Hive 2014 in Copenhagen

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I can't believe The Hive was almost 2 weeks ago. This time I did not take pictures but just enjoyed the event knowing that Bridgee from Little Star Blog being the official photographer would take care and come up with unbeatable images (all the images in this post are taken by her). The Hive had a different approach this year, I …

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Eclectic Trends Studio Workshop, 26.04.14

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Do you know that feeling when you want to step back, pause and see things with a perspective after having lived them? This is why it has taken me a few days to publish this post about our workshop from the past weekend. I wanted to pick the pictures I liked most with some time, see through the filming material, speak …

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My March Moodboard and some great news

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It felt like I did my February moodboard 2 weeks ago and I really wasn't too much into changing it. I really like it. But this monthly feature is one of my favorites on the blog and I just decided to work on a more ' progressed' theme with February as a starting point. So, March is less romantic, there is …

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