ASPACE, how to fuse architectural elements with art and craftsmanship

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Anna Aristova and Roza Gazarian are designers and co-founders of ASPACE, an art and design studio based in New York City. Their collaboration started in 2016 with the attempt to bring in the timeless beauty of nature to the contemporary lifestyle. Their last collection is the result of this desire, and one can say they achieve it! They take inspiration from …

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Tintology- Color Therapy Pharmaceuticals

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Designer Alice Dobbie thought about a fictional color pharmacy when creating Tintology where colors are prescribed to help counteract various common emotional health issues and concerns, fight depression or unpleasant state of mind. Don't we all know by now that color has a profound impact on our emotions? The idea is based on the findings of Faber Birren (1900-1988) that provided evidence of certain …

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A Cannabis Set That Resembles Your Grandma’s Style

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To celebrate the legalization of cannabis in Canada, Castor Studio designed the Heirloom Stack Collection, a vintage-inspired set to resemble antique crystal with the idea of creating familiar objects far from the typical look of marijuana accessories. The series was developed for Canadian brand Tokyo Smoke, which focuses on luxury products for marijuana users that embrace beautiful design along with alternative states of …

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The powerful design pieces by Aldo Bakker

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Dutch artist Aldo Bakker has recently showcased some of his powerful and original design pieces at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery in New York. "Powerful, elegant and filled with personality, Aldo's furniture brings a new perspective, not seen before in the design space" said gallery co-founder Loic Le Gaillard in a project statement. Hard not to agree. Self-Taught designer, Aldo Bakker started his …

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Tableau, the space where flower design becomes art

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Tableau is a dramatic retail space in the heart of Copenhagen where flower design becomes an art installation. The shop is characterized by the theatrical combination of raw materials and the softness of flowers, unique lines of design and contemporary art. Behind Tableau there is Julius Værnes Iversen who runs Copenhagen’s popular BB Blomster flower stores together with his brother Magnus. …

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Bacteria patterns for the new lamps by Jan Klingler

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Bacteria are the creators of the abstract pattern of these led lamps designed by Jan Klingler. The designer was fascinated by the possible relation between industrial design and chemistry, whose combination has created some exciting projects recently. Through the help of microbiologist Volkan Özenci, Jan Klingler  was able to rationalize the process and create the “In the new light” lighting collection. The designer started …

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