Hashtag aesthetic photography by Paloma Rincón

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Paloma Rincón is a Madrid based, Mexican born, photographer working worldwide, from experimental and personal projects to commercial assignments for big companies with a knack for still life photography. She creates visual games in the intersection where photography meets sculpture, design, instalation or illustration. For AD Spain she teamed up with stylist Pete Bermejo to illustrate a story of different floorings. We couldn't say …

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A colorful signature style with Carolina Mizrahi

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Carolina Mizrahi was born in Rio de Janeiro and now lives and works as an art director, photographer and set designer in London. She is known for her versatile colorful signature style and is convinced that color is a powerful communication tool, especially when combined with other meaningful visual objects. We also, are convinced that colors are a powerful tool and …

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Earth Color Styling with Tina Hellberg

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Today we'd like to show you some more evidence of how influential one of our all-time favorite trends Earth Color Trend AW2016/17 has become. This story of Earth Color Styling with Tina Hellberg tracks back what we predicted already a year and a half ago. Stylist Tina Hellberg's work for Elle Decoration reflects a rich earthy palette in a tone-in-tone style …

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Wonderful Styling and Photography by Dietlind Wolf

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I couldn't think of coming back from the summer leave with a nicer topic than this one. If you don’t know the outstanding Styling and Photography by Dietlind Wolf, it’s about time that we introduce you to one of the wolrd’s most talented stylists, photographers AND artists. If you are already familiar with her work, this project of hers might just …

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8 great examples of Knolling Photography

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Have you heard about Knolling Photography yet? You might even have practiced it on Instagram without knowing the term and story behind it. Knolling is the process of arranging related objects in parallel or 90ºC angles as a method of organization. They are photographed in a flat lay position, all on one (colorful or not) surface, and there is plenty to look …

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3D Interiors Design by TerzoPiano

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 ‚Images which have a story to tell.’ Couldn’t you agree more by looking at these photos? TerzoPiano is an image productions studio and creative consultancy from Italy specialized in 3D Interiors Design. They create design images‚ through modelling and photorealistic 3D rendering, they realize videos and images for commercial campaigns and catalogues, from concept to executive development. One of their stylists is …

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