Sustainable design: Growing Furniture

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Nowadays, sustainable design is a hot topic, so growing furniture in-sync with nature might seem something quite revolutionary. Still, the natural world has always provided us with everything we need. Not only when it comes to natural and indispensable resources but also in terms of materials and utensils, already from prehistoric times. Last summer, I visited the museum dedicated to Ötzi, …

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Holistic wellness in a traditional spa

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I grew up in a thermal town called Levico Terme, in the north of Italy, so I have always been familiar with thermal/spa cures. I'm also an allergic person, so I have been, over the years, a patient of the Thermal Bath of Levico, as well. Last summer I was happily surprised to find out they offer a more holistic …

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Sustainable packaging melting away by Mi Zhou

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What is luxury to you? And what does this have to do with sustainable packaging? This is the question I am asking now an audience in almost all of my trend talks. I hardly never receive as an answer that luxury is a certain object that can be purchased, but our values and perception have shifted that much that luxury now …

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John Anthony dim sum restaurant by Linehouse

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  This is why we’d like to share John Anthony contemporary dim sum restaurant by Linehouse in Hong Kong: 1// In a nutshell: John Anthony is a contemporary dim sum restaurant located in Hong Kong with a sustainable message at his heart. The name is drawn from the first Chinese man to be naturalized as a British citizen in 1805, John Anthony, who …

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5 Examples Of Sustainable Material Trends, part I

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Today we'd like to introduce a selection of sustainable and resource efficient ideas within a selection of disruptive materials that will be included in our first part of 5 Examples of Sustainable Material Trends. You might have seen that I had been lecturing a few days ago at the Interzum show in Cologne (Germany) where a comprehensive material exhibition curated …

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The evocative underwater landscapes of Vanessa Barragao

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Vanessa Barragao is a Portuguese textile artist that recycles wasted yarns from the industry and transform them into underwater landscapes by focusing on artisanal techniques. Her wall hangings and rugs are sea gardens inspired by the colors, shapes and textures of the coral reefs. Vanessa Barragao was born in Albufeira, in the south of Portugal. During her Master degree at the Lisbon University …

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