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Ceramicist of the month: Alice Walton

Hong Kong-based Ting-Ying Gallery brings a dynamic and highly influential mission to the world of contemporary craft by stimulating ongoing dialogues between East and West, tradition and innovation, function and aesthetics.

For a recent show collaboration, British ceramic artist Alice Walton contributed with her hypnotizing porcelain labyrinths. According to the gallery, despite featuring intensely textured surfaces and complex colors, Walton’s work is also recognized for its meditative qualities. This tension between the repetitive and experimental, the calm and the kinetic, makes her objects so compelling.

 Walton uses a landscape of objects crafted from individual components to create abstract scenes. This repetitive nature of mark-making, in turn, mimics the constant review of familiar objects on daily commutes. As references, she combines collaged photography and drawing from memory bought into her studio to work from. This research then pivots her work away from the literal into an imaginary collection of objects.

Her desire to stave off our digital riddled and splintered multi-realities is remedied through a process of intensely tactile molding technique. Deliberately contemplative, her work creates a time capsule of discovery for the viewer with its intricately detailed markings drawing them in.

Photography: Sylvain Deleu | Tom Hains | Ester Segerra | Alice Walton

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