Ceramics pick of the month: Brenda Holzke

Los Angeles based Brenda Holzke is the selected ceramicist of September as I love her textures and shapes. The basket series is just wonderful and so on trend. Baskets are huge these days. Actually these images would fit perfectly into my September Mood Board. I am getting a bit obsessed with this kind of color palette lately.

Brenda Holzke ceramics Eclectic Trends 2

Brenda Holzke ceramics bowls


Brenda Holzke ceramics Eclectic Trends

Brenda Holzke ceramics 6


PicMonkey Collage

Brenda’s ceramics pieces are sculpted by hand and then layered with a multitude of slips, stains, and other worldly textures. Between firings, she uses special pencils, chalks and pigments. Do you like her pieces and do have a favorite ceramicist?

You can see the previous month here.

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. Good choice Gudy. Funny, I actually pinned some of her work recently, perhaps it was from your board. My favourites are the two middle stand alone images although all are stunning. Mel xx

  2. Hi Gudy, I didn’t know about Brenda’s work and I like it very much, thanks for sharing, love the colors too, your moodboard in september was amazing.

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