Ceramicist Of The Month: Ceri Muller

Posted By Gudy Herder / May 4, 2020 / 0 Comments

I am thinking of the Tactility Trend these days. How might it change now that many of us are two months into confinement? How much softer has it to be? And do we need to go back to rawer design again? Is austerity the new look?

Meanwhile, we found Cape Town-based creative Ceri Muller and her fingerprint ceramics which must be very relaxing to make. The uneven shapes of many vessels look care-free, almost accidental, inviting to touch and caress. The unglazed objects are our favorites, showing a softness and melting structure that changes once a glaze comes into play offering not only color but a different type of stability and rigor, too.

I see each piece kind of like a human body with a unique shape, size, and color, riddled with blemishes and imperfections.They come together to create a motley crew of outcasts. It makes my heart warm.”

- Ceri Muller


Wrinkled Ceramics-Ceri Muller-Eclectic Trends

Fingerprint ceramics Ceri Muller Eclectic Trends

If you’re such a ceramics lover, as we are here at Eclectic Trends, please go and see a few more ceramicist profiles HERE.


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