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Ceramics artist of the month: Olivia Cognet

Ceramic murals reminiscent of the ocean by Oliva Cognet

Is there such a thing as representing the ocean in motion on your wall with individual clay modules? Olivia Cognet’s ceramic murals or bas reliefs reflect a dialogue between Art, Nature and Architecture. She describes her work as sensual, brut, feminine, and sculptural. In a period where we all crave still more tactility, her textures glazes embrace what looks like random surface design. And though she is a master of glazing, opening a kiln is always a magic moment since you do not exactly know how the firing has turned out.

Born in Nice, and based in Los Angeles–based, designer and ceramicist Olivia Cognet’s creative experience was honed as a former accessories designer for fashion brands including Lanvin, Isabel Marant, and Sonia Rykiel. Reading an interview on Sight Unseen, she says,

First and foremost I will always consider myself a sketch artist, and everything else falls into place from there. Once I’m satisfied with the way a piece looks on paper, I’ll think about the engineering that will come with the creation of the piece, and compose a little “mini tech pack” of sorts for myself, and my assistant. Once we have figured out every single step of the way I’ll start and work the clay. I need that discipline in my work.  Clay is such an exciting medium, with so much to offer, and can evolve into something unexpected, so I would be lost if I didn’t have a specific goal in mind.

Cognet works include dining tables, lamps, mini murals, vessels, large bas reliefs, and others. Her Instagram feed includes studio tours and a glimpse of her multi-faceted work you don’t want to miss.


Ceramic murals reminiscent of the ocean by Oliva Cognet



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