Ceramics pick of the month – BUBBLEGRAPHY by Oddness

Ceramicists of the month- Oddness - EclecticTrends

If you have a bit of ceramics knowledge yourself, you always wonder when discovering a different glaze finishing, how on earth could this have been made? BUBBLEGRAPHY is a series of ceramic vases finished with a soap glaze.

Now, what exactly is a soap glaze?

By blowing are into the glaze and in doing so creating bubbles in which they are dipped, this pretty surface on the exterior is created. The three-dimensional structure of the bubbles leaves a layered pattern that gives each vase its unique look.

Ceramicists of the month- Oddness - EclecticTrends

Ceramicists of the month- Oddness - EclecticTrends

Ceramicists of the month- Oddness - EclecticTrends


Adranus Kundert and Thomas van der Sman teamed up and launched together the ODDNESS studio. BUBBLEGRAPHY was their first ceramics project they presented last Autumn at Dutch Design Week. If you wonder where to get one of this beauties, you can find these days a campaign of their pieces on CrowdyHouse. I wouldn’t think too much about it! G, x

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