Chic interior design à l’italienne

If you love a certain interior style you most probably develop an eye for its characteristics. I love the Italians. I admire all the interior design, fashion style and creativity they have in their DNA. That doesn’t mean I’d live like this since you need the right architectural structure but I certainly love to see it. It breathes sophisticated colour palettes and wonderful finishings.

Eclectic Trends | Vincenzo de Cotiis apartment Milan

Behind the walls of an building of the nineteenth century, interior designer Vincenzo De Cotiis has created a cozy apartment Milan for a young couple and their son .

 Eclectic Trends | Vincenzo de Cotiis apartment Milan

 Vincenzo De Cotiis apartment Milan

In a corner of the room, the wall, quietly functional, appears as a composition of panels that are all closets. The office work of Vincenzo De Cotiis was made ​​from reclaimed wood. In the foreground, the cage-room balcony of the child. Berber carpet and chair 1950s.

 Eclectic Trends | Vincenzo de Cotiis apartment Milan

 Eclectic Trends | Vincenzo de Cotiis apartment Milan

a bathroom misleading perspectives through the wall mirror, has been designed around a marble desk 1950s, used furniture down here. It is with the same marble as the floor is covered. The mirror above the sink is framed in an old Italian altarpiece.

Photography by Julian Hargreaves | found via AD Décoration

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