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Chip Shop – cream whites and chocolate browns

Chip Shop | Eclectic Trends

One of the things I loved when I lived in New York City was the possibility to order fresh baked cookies with milk to be delivered at home in a matter of minutes! But what if, instead, when longing for a glass of milk with chocolate chips, you could literally step into that feeling? Now you can step into Chip Shop, cream whites, and chocolate browns.

The New Design Studio, located in Brooklyn,  designed the chip cookies and cream shop in Bleeker Street, Manhattan. 
The design follows a palette of cream white and chocolate browns, a call to typical hues of cookies baking. The countertop is a terrazzo in the same hues, resembling crumbles of cookies and pieces of chocolate, while the cushions of the seating area are in a soft velvet-like material, in beige white and milk chocolate colors.

The lines of the shops are curvy, giving the place a playful feeling that somehow contrasts the minimal overall appearance.
 A wall with uneven arches divides the two areas of the shop. A clear reference to their logo, which design is based on the idea of a cloud.

Chip Shop | Eclectic Trends

Chip Shop | Eclectic Trends

Chip Shop | Eclectic Trends

Chip Shop | Eclectic Trends

Chip Shop | Eclectic Trends



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Chip Shop | Eclectic Trends

Chip Shop | Eclectic Trends

Ph: Will Ellis

This shop is a more sophisticated version of a previous experiment located on Long Island. Some of the walls were painted in a peach-orange hue, giving the place a more fruity or ice-cream feeling. While with the Chip Shop located in Bleeker Street, the creamy whites and chocolate browns choice is a clear reference to the creamy world of dough, vanilla, milk, and cookies.

The Bleeker Street Shop Chip is an inviting cookie place where adults and kids can satisfy the desire for some sweets.


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