Circular shaped vases by Anna Varendorff

Circular shaped vases by Anna Varendorff

If you are looking for a special Christmas gift for this year, these round shaped vases might be a excellent find. Melbourne based  Anna Varendorff is both a jeweller and a sculptor and founder of ACV StudioAs a jeweller she was acquiring metalworking skills which she now uses when forming, soldering and sanding her brass pieces. She says, when I am making jewellery or making my brass sculptural objects I get to form materials, and to problem solve. I am interested in the outcome of these objects meeting a body – whether this is when the object is being worn, or when it is being encountered within a gallery, or in the life of the object beyond the gallery.

Finding her pieces comes at the right moment when 45 and 90ºC angles pull back to make room for round shapes, that convey spaciousness and purity. This is actual an important part at any trend lecture I am have been giving since summer. 

The omnipresence of the circle is not a mere shape to take into consideration, but it comes charged with meaning: it has no beginning, no end, it is a continuous line that represents unity. It stands for femininity and birth, evoking hope and wholeness, indicating the end of the process of individualization and of striving towards togetherness.

Circular shaped vases by Anna Varendorff

My sculptural practice is concerned with creating opportunity for encounters between objects, space and observer, and perceptual outcomes of these combinations.
Anna Varendorff



ACV Studio via Eclectic Trends

Circular shaped vases by Anna Varendorff

Circular shaped vases by Anna VarendorffCircular shaped vases by Anna Varendorff

Circular shaped vases by Anna Varendorff


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