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Color Forecast 2023 By Jotun: Serene Presence, Curated Living, Naturally Grounded

Natural Tones for the Color Stories 2023 by Jotun

Every year, Jotun’s paint and color experts create a new color palette that encapsulates the trends and moods shaping our world. The Color Forecast 2023 By Jotun comes with 21 colors we’d love to present.

This year, they’ve introduced a collection of three themes celebrating creativity and authenticity. These aren’t fleeting fashion colors but timeless hues that reflect our evolving tastes and values. 

When it comes to our homes, we often forget that they’re not just places to live and work but also vessels for our stories, aspirations, and dreams. 

“Our homes tell many stories. The spaces we live in speak not only of how we live our lives, but also of why.”



Jotun’s global color card for 2023 celebrates this idea with a palette of expressive, hopeful shades that transcend the usual trends. These timeless hues are designed to inspire creative expression and invite us to tell our stories through the spaces we inhabit.

Introducing Jotun’s inspiring new color stories for 2023…



Slow, soothing colors, soft pastels, and healing greens.

“The home should be a place of healing.”

Lisbeth Larsen
Global Color Manager

There’s something deeply restorative about simplicity. In a chaotic world of constant busyness and distraction, people crave spaces that allow them to disconnect and be fully present. Pared-back minimalism brings us clarity and focus, encouraging us to find inner peace. The “Serene presence” theme embraces this quiet, composed mindset with a calm palette of soft, gentle pastels and healing greens. It’s a celebration of purity and simplicity, letting us disconnect from the outside world’s noise and reconnect in our inner retreat. 

Serene Tones for the Color Stories 2023 by Jotun-Eclectic Trends


Launching our materials boxes: Fab Fibers


Comforting textures in timeless tones – What’s not to love? This box offers velvet,  cotton,  bouclé wool, jute, linen, and so much more.

We like to describe these fabric samples as your staple kit so that you can rely on it consistently in your creative work.



Sophisticated reds, gallery-style naturals, blue accents.

“Our aim with this palette was to channel the comfort of nostalgia, without getting stuck in the past. ‘By mixing a vintage feel with a modern sensibility, we’ve created an artistic and sophisticated family of colors.”

Lisbeth Larsen
Global Color Manager

The “Curated Living” palette taps into our need to create spaces that are uniquely ours, express our individuality, and reflect our personal style. The home is seen as a canvas, a place to showcase our creativity and vision. Combining nostalgic tones and contemporary hues, this palette becomes a harmonious blend of the past and the present, inviting us to craft our narratives through color and design. Nostalgia takes center stage here, providing a comforting embrace of the past while keeping us firmly rooted in the present. It’s an invitation to express ourselves through our living spaces, to create a home that truly reflects who we are – today.

Warm Tones for the Color Stories 2023 by Jotun

Warm tones 2023 with Jotun and Curated Living series

Warm tones 2023 with Jotun and Curated Living series

Warm tones 2023 with Jotun and Curated Living series

Warm tones 2023 with Jotun and Curated Living series




Warm earth tones, muted greens, soft yellows and oranges.

“Nature is an inherently calming influence”

Lisbeth Larsen
Global colour manager

The “Naturally Grounded” palette is rooted in bringing nature’s colors and textures into the home. As society moves faster and faster, people yearn to return to simpler times. The “Naturally Grounded” color palette taps into this yearning, evoking the comforting familiarity of the natural world and the rustic charm of handmade pieces. This palette is more than just a set of colors; it’s a cultural trend that reflects a more profound shift in how people want to live. In a world of screens and busyness, this palette offers a respite, a way to slow down and reconnect with nature and the simple pleasures of life.

Natural Tones for the Color Stories 2023 by Jotun


Images: @linethitklein⁠ / Jotun / Jotun Lady
Styling: @kraakvikdorazio




You can download the Color Forecast 2023 by Jotun in an ebook to have all 21 colors in one document HERE.

4 Color Trends Jotun-Ebook-©Eclectic Trends



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