Color Inspiration No.12: Lavender, Peanut, Salmon, Amber & Flamingo

Color Inspiration No.12-Eclectic Trends

Color Inspiration No.12 is all about combining pink, violet and yellow shades. Pink is considered a tint where a primary color has been mixed with white, whereas yellow is a primary color. They have started working for me the past season when seeing the different color gradings and combinations.

Color inspiration No.12-Eclectic Trends

Dominik Tarabansky Photography| Anthropologie | arakso official | unknown

Turns out yellow and violet are opposite colors in the color wheel (being one primary and the other secondary) which according to color theory is anyhow a harmonious color combination. These are generally used when wanting too create a contrast and stand out. If you place a yellow coat in front of a violet wall, that is for a sure a contrast. At the image below you can observe that the effect been softened down by adding salmon splitting the backdrop in two stories now.

If you add Black to this scheme of Lavender, Peanut, Salmon, Amber and Flamingo you get a very different result. Black creates a perception of weight and seriousness that helps if you want to achieve a tad more of sophistication.

How about some extra inspiration?

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