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Color Inspiration No.18: Ocean, Lime, Mocha, Candy and Carrot

Color inspiration No.18 via Eclectic Trends

Color Inspiration No.18 includes this time the shades of Ocean, Lime, Mocha, Candy and Carrot.

This is one of my favorite color combos I have been creating to date. Not that I am a particular fan of all individual colors, but I love how they work all together. I believe this to be a modern and fresh combination, rather unusual in fact.

Color inspiration No.18 via Eclectic Trends

Sølve Sundsbø Wyne Veen Matthias Heidrich | Niki Sharma

It’s probably the Ocean shade, a little brighter than Verdigris, that allows for a more modern approach. Verdigris has quite an interesting provenance. It is a naturally occurring carbonate that forms on copper and its alloy bronze when they are exposed to oxygen, water, carbon dioxide or sulphur. It is this blue-greenish patina that has given many painters quite a headache.

It is beautiful to the eye, but it does not last.
Cennino Cenninni



This can be observed in the works from Raphael to Tintoretto where the blue-greenery has changed to a brownish shade when not existing artificial pigments back then.


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