Color Inspiration No.18: Ocean, Lime, Mocha, Candy and Carrot

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Color Inspiration No.18 includes this time the shades of Ocean, Lime, Mocha, Candy and Carrot.

This is one of my favorite color combos I have been creating to date. Not that I am a particular fan of all individual colors, but I love how they work all together. I believe this to be a modern and fresh combination, rather unusual in fact.

Color inspiration No.18 via Eclectic Trends

Sølve Sundsbø Wyne Veen Matthias Heidrich | Niki Sharma

It’s probably the Ocean shade, a little brighter than Verdigris, that allows for a more modern approach. Verdigris has quite an interesting provenance. It is a naturally occurring carbonate that forms on copper and its alloy bronze when they are exposed to oxygen, water, carbon dioxide or sulphur. It is this blue-greenish patina that has given many painters quite a headache.

It is beautiful to the eye, but it does not last.

- Cennino Cenninni


This can be observed in the works from Raphael to Tintoretto where the blue-greenery has changed to a brownish shade when not existing artificial pigments back then.



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