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Color Inspiration No. 20: Stone Blue, Egg Yolk, Crepe, Clay, Apricot

Color Inspiration No.20 via Eclectic Trends

This mood board and  Color Inspiration No. 20 is inspired by several proposals spotted at the Salone del Mobile this year that are still resonating with me. I believe color combinations have been evolved much in the past years leading to surprising and fascinations results.

A timeless cosmetic color palette (it’s not a trend anymore but very integrated in all design disciplines) is enriched with a brighter yellow to unite warmth and a vibrant effect, whereas a muted blue adds a calming effect.

Color Inspiration No. 20 via Eclectic Trends

Dimore Studio | Ilva Heitman by Yulia Gorbachenko | Kvadrat | Atlas Branding

The first and third image belonging to Dimore Studio and Kvadrat has a surprising color resemblance. Being both companies not only tastemakers but trendsetters, so this is definitely a color scheme to observe.

A dusky Stone Blue provides the backbone to which one brighter tone and touches of cosmetic color are added. Egg Yolk stays in between bright yellow (seen in recent seasons and well-founded still today) and slowly moves towards orange, a color that comes strong in 2018.

When putting a few inspirations together for this story in the studio, it was all about finding the right blue shade. Blue has definitely had a counter stage in 2017 with many options to pick from Klein Blue to Denim Drift.

The soft cosmetic palette gently drifts from Crepe (or Nude Pink) to Clay, whilst a small percentage of Apricot already reveals the way towards upcoming exotic color shades for next year with Orange being the key color!


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