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Color Inspiration No.21: Wine, Amaranth, Toffee, Mauve, Coffee

Color Inspiration No.21 via Eclectic Trends

Today’s inspiration board features Wine, Amaranth, Toffee, Mauve, and Coffee. Color Inspiration No.21 includes some of the warm color nuances that are coming in 2018. Toffee and Coffee are back after a few years of absence in all creative disciplines.

Color Inspiration No.21: Wine, Amaranth, Toffee, Mauve, Chocolate via Eclectic Trends

WGSNWorkshop Brothers | No.197 Chiswick Forestation | Vicenzo de Cotiis

Brown is the less popular shade according to a study in color psychology. This result is surprising in its clarity since Brown is the color of earth, clay, wood, leather and gives us the cosyness we often search for. However, Brown suffers because it is not a hue, but a shade since it is not found in the color wheel. Only by mixing together the three primaries such as red, yellow and blue, you will get a brownish shade.

Reds, Pinks and Browns together will rock the next Autumn, meanwhile I have the London spot No.197 Chiswick Forestation (see collage) on my ‘places-to-go’ list.

How about some extra inspiration?

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