Color Inspiration No.24: Terre Verte, Rose, Salmon, Coffee, and Latte

To create this Color Inspiration No.24 and former ones, I take a particular shade and study its origin, anecdote and sometimes mysteries. Reading the story about Terre Verte and the main character of today’s color collage below makes me even want to dive deeper into color history.

Eclectic Trends | Color Inspiration No.24

Images: Ph: Olesya Asanova | Ph: Andrew Romano | Kitchens BrasilJosef Hoffmann

A pigment when discovered by early artist was often expensive (like Ultramarine), not alway stable upon reacting to light (like Verdigris) or other pigments, and it could be extremely dangerous, too. Orpiment, resembling gold, is a naturally occurring mineral containing a 60% arsenic, used already in ancient Egyptian art, which depending on how it was employed or mined could be deadly.

If non of these three cases happened, it turned out to be extremely popular and often employed.

Terre Verte also known as Verona Green contains colouring agents such as glauconite and celadonite, but could also include other minerals. The pigments are found in Cyprus and Verona and come in a range from deep forest, to a crocodilian-like shade up to sea mist. They are all very permanent and stable and were some of the few green pigments readily available. The pigment was used for faces (to shade the pale pinky-red of European skin), draperies, employed in fresco and secco.

Today’s color combination above of Terre Verte (40%), Rose, Pale Salmon, Coffee and Latte turned out naturally because green and pink are opposite on the color wheel, therefore considered complementary colors, and that is why they pair well. Also, in nature that combination is already given: think of a pink rose looking perfect because it embodies a pure balance of color which is pink and green on the same flower.

How about some extra inspiration?

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